Monday, May 13, 2013

Reverse & Hardware Hacking: Hacking apple accessories to pown iDevices

Wake up Neo! Your phone got pwnd !

Apple accessories, especially dock stations and alarm clocks become more and more popular. Nowadays, it is common to find such device in hotel rooms. The question is can we really trust this kind of devices? This paper is trying to answer this question by analyzing the iDevices’ connectivity features, the evasi0n jailbreak and the features of an Apple MFi (Made for iPhone / iPad) accessory. 
This talk is discussing about the most interesting Apple services (from the attacker point of view) and describe how they can be exploited in order to retrieve confidential information or to deploy the evasi0n jailbreak. Finally, the author will present the analysis of a Made For Apple (MFI) dock station and its weapownizing in order to allow an automated jailbreak

Hacking apple accessories to pown iDevices [Slides][Paper]