Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pentest & Reverse: iOS Application Hacking

iOS Appllication hacking

Last month I gave some lecure about iOS application Hacking first at GreHack (Grenoble, France) and then at Hack.Lu (Luxembourg, Luxembourg). Here you will find a quick summary of the talk and the slides and paper. Don't hesitate to send me your question.


This talk demonstrates how professional applications like, Mobile Device Management (MDM) Client, Confidential contents manager (Sandbox), professional media players and other applications handling sensitive data are attacked and sometimes easily breached. This talk is designed to demonstrate many of the techniques attackers use to manipulate iOS applications in order to extract confidential data from the device. In this talk, the audience will see examples of the worst practices we are dealing with every day when pentesting iOS applications and learn how to mitigate the risks and avoid common mistakes that leave applications exposed. Attendees will gain a basic understanding of how these attacks are executed, and many examples and demonstrations of how to code more securely in ways that won't leave applications exposed to such attacks. 

[Paper | Slides]


  1. Hi DarK!

    Thank you for sharing your slides and paper.

    It is a very interestin and ambitious paper, with a lot of stuff inside. Each topic could be an entire paper!

    I really like the work you did on jailbreak detection bypass. You are the first who gives a so complete information on that topic. About that I was wondering: API hooking is a great solution to trick the JB detection, but it requires a lot of reverse engineering and if the app uses many different routines you will have a lot of work to do. DO you know if it's possible to chroot apps on IOS? I mean, the JB detection is based on priviledged actions, such as restricted file acces or restricted binary launch. If you can chroot the app, it will never be able to perform such actions and think it is on a standard system. And once the app is chrooted, any JB detection routine will fail!

    Btw I saw your Grehack talk, and I was really impressed by your malicious radio alarm dock! Will you post on that soon?

    Great job, man!

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